Jilin provincial library was established in the first year of the Qing Dynasty (Xuantong) (in 1909)£¬and it was located in Jilin city, the capital of Jilin province. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the capital of Jilin province was moved to Changchun city in 1954, Jilin provincial library was located at No.1162 Xinmin Street, completed and tested in 1958 and officially opened in 1960. In September 2008, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government decided to move the construction site. Its construction was started in August 2010, and at the end of 2013, the new library was completed, officially opened in September 28, 2014, and put into trial operation.

  The new library of Jilin province is located at No.10055 Renmin Street, with a total construction area of 53713 square meters, covering an area of 4.47 thousand square meters, holding one floor underground, five floors on the ground, and which is designed for 100 years. The library has a total of 5 million volumes and 3000 reading seats 4000 internet nodes, and its average daily reader¡¯s reception is 6000.

  Jilin provincial library is our provincial library literature information collection and service center, the provincial literature resources procurement catalogue center, the information network center, the center of literature resource sharing, collaboration and coordination among libraries and the academic exchange center. It can service for the decision-making for the party and government, for scientific research, education and enterprises and institutions to provide information and advisory services, for our public to provide the literature, for our people¡¯s lifelong education. In the library there are the existing collections of more than 350 volumes and numerous digital information resources, and all disciplines of subjects are complete, and these languages are involving in Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, etc. Among them, there are 430,000 books of ancient Chinese books, which are thread-bound editions, written in Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasty. Besides, the manuscripts and inscriptions of famous people are regarded as priceless collections. There are over 120,000 volumes in the Republic of China, and a full volume of 50,000 copies in the period of Manchukuo, which are of high historical value.

  The new library of Jilin provincial library is equipped with advanced technology and intelligent management to provide readers with convenient services. In library, the comprehensive report hall, multi-function hall, digital movie projection room, LED large screen, 4D Theater and other services provide a platform for readers to display communications. The use of ground source heat pump and photovoltaic power generation makes the new pavilion more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The application of intelligent building control and information publishing system with other technologies make the management and service of new museum more convenient and humanized. The application of RFID technology facilitates reader¡¯s self-service, to improve the quality and efficiency of document management and reader service.

  Since the new library opens, the aims of ours make the library with concepts: ¡°Academic Library, Service First, Preferred Talent, Lifelong Cooperation¡±. We actively conduct a series of readers' activities to enable readers to enjoy the library services equally and freely without hindrance. We strive to create a "cultural Jilin" service brand, including the "cultural Jilin" forum, "cultural Jilin - World Scholarly Club", all kinds of exhibition activities, public cultural communication platform, and all kinds of performances and so on. The cumulative activities can reach more than 100 times every year. Jilin Provincial Library Alliance, The Children of Migrant Workers Reading Base, "Jilin Cloud" Mobile Reading, "NPC and CPPCC" information consulting services in Jilin province and other services also become the brand projects in Jilin Provincial Library. More than 200 normalization service activities are carried out throughout the year. In terms of the extension service, we has established a total of 23 branches and the circulation stations, more than 120 people's studies, 65 student studies, 10 " satellite libraries" jointly with the CPC committee in Jilin Province. We have received wide acclaim from all sectors of society.

  In the process of the construction of cultural province, Jilin Provincial Library dedicates the new library into the public learning center, the communication center and the cultural center, to create Changchun city to be full of knowledge, wisdom and civilization. In advocating universal reading, and building scholarly society, Jilin Provincial Library contributes its own strength!